Realtime overview of your passenger capacity

February 11, 2021

SkanTech’s passenger counting solution will give you realtime information about how many passengers is getting on and off and at which door in the bus. This will allow you to understand and adjust your bus capacity on the fly and provide basis for future needs.

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Passenger counting

A tool which counts for the driver as well as the operator

SkanTech Passenger Counting System provides high accuracy passenger counting in each vehicle from stop to stop as well as an overview for the whole fleet.


Advanced communication between operator and fleet

Fleetcom is SkanTech’s advanced communication platform which handles all communication between the operation, fleet, passengers and drivers.

ECO Drive

Less fuel and better performance no matter the energy source

With the ECO Drive system both the driver and the operator can monitor the actual energy consumption.

Alarm System

You are never alone

Safety for the drivers and passengers is of the highest priority in the daily operation.

Vehicle Communication Platform

Bringing existing systems together in real time overview

The platform allows the operator to maintain a full situation awareness and status in real time of the fleet and helps the operator to improve performance and optimize the operation.

Meet SkanTech

SkanTech provides intelligent solutions for the transport industry.

Passenger Internet

Safe and hassle-free connectivity

SkanTech Passenger Internet makes internet access easy and supports a better travel experience.

Meet SkanTech

SkanTech provides intelligent solutions for the transport industry.

Let’s make data a steering wheel for your fleet

At SkanTech, we have developed a unique expertise in providing operators with the right systems and solutions to gather data and make it easy to make the most of them.

SkanTech Support

We are always close to you

You do not have to shout aloud to get the right service! SkanTech services are designed to cause limited interference and require a minimum of intervention to the fleet management or operation.