Bringing existing systems together in real time overview

The SkanTech Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP) provides a high capacity data exchange and management platform, which supports and integrates the many systems available in busses, and is the gateway to the PTA (Public Transport Authority) and the fleet operation center.

As multiple systems can connect to the platform, it allows the operator to add modules as they seem fit and the integration to the existing modules is done via the platform. Via the SkanTech report center the platform provides a full overview of the services and thereby optimizing the monitoring of the fleet.

The platform allows the operator to maintain a full situation awareness and status in real time of the fleet and helps the operator to improve performance and optimize the operation.

The SkanTech VCP is designed for use in new buses and for retrofit purposes in buses in operation, allowing integration with existing systems. A fleet normally consist of a mix of vehicles and onboard systems and the VCP platform can collect and present all the information and present them in a uniform way to maintain the full overview of a mixed fleet.