Driver Coach

Driver Coach is an intelligent learning platform that automatically educates drivers on optimal driving behavior while driving. Uniform training combined with new geofencing and nudging technologies ensures lasting behavior changes and significant savings. Driver Coach was awarded the IoT Solution of the Year in 2022. The concept was assessed as the most innovative and value-creating concept launched in Denmark in 2022.

Driver behavior is the parameter that has the most significant impact on a fleet’s ability to make money. 80-90% of the company’s expenses are influenced by the choices drivers make behind the wheel. Driver Coach is a groundbreaking quality management and documentation system that anchors knowledge and shifts the focus from “firefighting” to “optimal behavior.”

An upfront quality assurance of the company’s routes forms the basis for the education, coaching, and nudging that drivers receive every day. Driver Coach provides clear guidelines so that drivers are never in doubt about what the company expects from them. All drivers are trained uniformly, based on the values, guidelines, and focus areas that the company wishes to prioritize. Daily training in optimal behavior ensures sustained positive results in fuel consumption, environmental impact, comfortable driving, safety, damages, quality, and maintenance.

SkanTech estimates costs associated with diesel, electricity or gas used can be reduced by 5-15% by Driver Coach nudging. In addition, a safer operation of the bus, with fewer accelerations and forced break maneuvers will reduce the number of fall injuries and have a positive impact on costumer satisfaction and work environment while contributing to reduced maintenance costs.

Driver Coach has a positive impact on the work environment. Good tools and clear guidelines provide security and understanding of the direction management desires. It enhances well-being and reduces the risk of stress and sick leave. With innovation, an even more attractive workplace can be created, making it easier to recruit personnel for future growth.

Driver Coach provides financial and environmental impact like no other driving optimization solution on the market.

Let’s make data a steering wheel for your fleet

Back in the day transportation of passengers and goods in busses and other vehicles was a fairly simple task. Today, transportation requires and generates an immense and increasing amount of data.

If used in the right way the data is making each vehicle and the fleet more cost effective, safe and environment friendly to the benefit of passengers, employees, and management.

At SkanTech, we have developed a unique expertise in providing operators with the right systems and solutions to gather data and make it easy to make the most of them.

We draw on experience from many years in the business and the thousands of busses and other vehicles driving around with our solutions, and together with each of our customers we find the most efficient ways to meet their needs.

SkanTech has developed module-based systems where you can start with one ‘package’ but always add solutions that will fit in. That means, that you as customer will get flexible solutions fitted to your current needs which are at the same time future proof to changes in your company or technical developments.

We are looking forward to a dialogue with you.