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The genuine sense of security among passengers and drivers is essential in public transport. A surveillance system is the first step to achieve that, and SkanTech’s Surveillance System provides high quality and scalable surveillance solutions, that can fit any vehicle.

On-board surveillance is a key to ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers as well as to protect against vandalism. Our broad variety of recorders enhances the on-board surveillance and allows integrating multiple cameras, digital and analogue, into one network. The monitoring is available in real time in the vehicle as well as for remote viewing making immediate action possible. At the same time, the data is stored for reviewing.

  • Split screen monitors installed in the driver’s area display the video material in high quality making it easy for the driver to keep an eye on the passenger area.
  • It is possible for the operator to log on to the systems for live viewing or to perform wireless downloading of the video data.
  • The Recorder stores video data to enable the operator to view the data at a later stage.

The system can be either a stand-alone system or an integrated part of SkanTech’s Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP), which is the generic platform that connects all SkanTech services.