A tool which counts for the driver as well as the operator

The constant flow of people is the key driver of public transport. Today, it is possible to survey the numbers of passengers online, where they get on and off the vehicle and how the total flow of passengers is in your fleet.

SkanTech Passenger Counting System provides high accuracy passenger counting in each vehicle from stop to stop as well as an overview for the whole fleet.  With this system, it is for instance possible to help passengers find a bus with available space and manage any sudden capacity issues.

In combination with SkanTech’s cloud based application, it is possible for the operator to receive and monitor real time and historical data. This provides the means for adjusting the passenger capacity to match the actual needs on specific routes.

The solution integrates with the Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP), which is the generic platform that connects all SkanTech services. Among the many advantages with the system integration is the possibility to identify potential fraud, because you can use information from the ticket system to discover any discrepancy between counted passengers and number of tickets.