Less fuel and better performance no matter the energy source

With the ECO Drive system both the driver and the operator can monitor the actual energy consumption including coasting, breaking time and idle time and calculate an accumulated energy consumption. The system helps optimizing the bus operation, which saves money on energy and gives an environmental friendly running of the fleet with a more comfortable trip for the passengers.

SkanTech’s ECO Drive solution applies to all energy sources including electrical busses, and can compare the consumption across the various bus types. Being able to compare across platforms the operators and drivers can monitor the consumption in a fair and equal way and thereby enhance the optimization of the energy consumption.

The operator can recall all data for the fleet, a specific bus, a group of buses, for a line or route, a shift or a specific driver. This enables the operator to monitor energy consumption per kilometer, per hour spent and distance for each driver while the bus is in and out of service. At the same time, the operator can monitor information like total mileage, running time and more, which is useful in terms of obtaining a general status of the fleet.

Combined with the VCP (Vehicle Communication Platform) the ECO Drive system provides a valuable insight into the fleet performance and operation.