Take a closer look

The genuine sense of security among passengers and drivers is essential in public transport. A surveillance system is the first step to achieve that, and SkanTech’s Surveillance System provides high quality and scalable surveillance solutions, that can fit any vehicle.

On-board surveillance is a key to ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers as well as to protect against vandalism. Our broad variety of recorders enhances the on-board surveillance and allows integrating multiple cameras, digital and analogue, into one network. The monitoring is available in real time in the vehicle as well as for remote viewing making immediate action possible. At the same time, the data is stored for reviewing.

  • Split screen monitors installed in the driver’s area display the video material in high quality making it easy for the driver to keep an eye on the passenger area.
  • It is possible for the operator to log on to the systems for live viewing or to perform wireless downloading of the video data.
  • The Recorder stores video data to enable the operator to view the data at a later stage.

The system can be either a stand-alone system or an integrated part of SkanTech’s Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP), which is the generic platform that connects all SkanTech services.

Let’s make it clear

The SkanTech Station Announcement System provides automatic route announcements to the passengers. All announcements are recorded by a professional voice to make sure no one misses their stop.

In combination with SkanTech’s Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP) the Station Announcement System receives route information from the Public Transport Authority (PTA) based on the current position of the bus and announces information about the next stop and other relevant information to the passengers through the speaker system on board.

The Station Announcement System can be combined with SkanTech’s Infotainment System, and provide information to the bus internal signs/display and speakers. The driver’s display will show next stop and other relevant information to the passengers with audio and visual display.

Safe and hassle-free connectivity

SkanTech Passenger Internet makes internet access easy and supports a better travel experience. Passengers do not have to miss their favorite Netflix series or the opportunity to work online when travelling on a bus, which contributes to a better customer satisfaction.

The Passenger Internet is compliant with the internet security standards but the system can be set up with no login or password for an easy passenger access.

The Passenger Internet connects to the public internet and can provide service for both passengers and drivers but as two separate networks. 

The Passenger Internet can be used in new installations or as a retrofit solution in the existing fleet.

Keep passengers up to date

The SkanTech Infotainment System provides real-time provision of traffic information, commercials, tourist information etc. to the passengers in order to enhance the overall travel experience.    

The system comprises intelligent displays, communication platform and operator interface to plan and edit commercials and passenger information with ease and efficiency.

The system can manage multiple displays in the vehicle. An example is a Dual display system where one display provides commercials/ news, and one display provides up to date traffic information based on the vehicle location. This will allow the operator to provide relevant information so the passengers feel well informed and the opportunity to have an extra revenue from commercials.

The SkanTech Infotainment System integrates with the Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP), which is the generic platform that connects all SkanTech services.

Advanced communication between operator and fleet

Have you talked to your colleague today? Fleetcom is SkanTech’s advanced communication platform which handles all communication between the operation, fleet, passengers and drivers. 

 The operator can provide intelligent communication by dispatching messages based on routes, time, zones and locations which give the drivers and passengers the right information at the right time. As an example, the system can cascade the same message to all drivers on a given route if there is a diversion and thereby optimize the communication between the operation center and the fleet.

The operator can select if the message should replay through the driver’s speaker, the passenger announcement system or the external speakers outside the bus. This allows the operator to help the driver give the right information to the passengers and provide a better travel experience.

Less fuel and better performance no matter the energy source

With the ECO Drive system both the driver and the operator can monitor the actual energy consumption including coasting, breaking time and idle time and calculate an accumulated energy consumption. The system helps optimizing the bus operation, which saves money on energy and gives an environmental friendly running of the fleet with a more comfortable trip for the passengers.

SkanTech’s ECO Drive solution applies to all energy sources including electrical busses, and can compare the consumption across the various bus types. Being able to compare across platforms the operators and drivers can monitor the consumption in a fair and equal way and thereby enhance the optimization of the energy consumption.

The operator can recall all data for the fleet, a specific bus, a group of buses, for a line or route, a shift or a specific driver. This enables the operator to monitor energy consumption per kilometer, per hour spent and distance for each driver while the bus is in and out of service. At the same time, the operator can monitor information like total mileage, running time and more, which is useful in terms of obtaining a general status of the fleet.

Combined with the VCP (Vehicle Communication Platform) the ECO Drive system provides a valuable insight into the fleet performance and operation.

A tool which counts for the driver as well as the operator

The constant flow of people is the key driver of public transport. Today, it is possible to survey the numbers of passengers online, where they get on and off the vehicle and how the total flow of passengers is in your fleet.

SkanTech Passenger Counting System provides high accuracy passenger counting in each vehicle from stop to stop as well as an overview for the whole fleet.  With this system, it is for instance possible to help passengers find a bus with available space and manage any sudden capacity issues.

In combination with SkanTech’s cloud based application, it is possible for the operator to receive and monitor real time and historical data. This provides the means for adjusting the passenger capacity to match the actual needs on specific routes.

The solution integrates with the Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP), which is the generic platform that connects all SkanTech services. Among the many advantages with the system integration is the possibility to identify potential fraud, because you can use information from the ticket system to discover any discrepancy between counted passengers and number of tickets.

You are never alone

Safety for the drivers and passengers is of the highest priority in the daily operation. The SkanTech Alarm system is designed to give the driver an immediate response from the operation center to provide the comfort of safety. All connected operator workstations will receive the alarm and the display will change to a live video feed from the driver’s camera along with information about the vehicle’s position. An indication at the driver’s side (driver display), shows if the alarm has been triggered, acknowledged and closed by an operator so the driver always knows the status of the alarm.