To be a direct supplier to the automotive manufacturers and bus operators in Europe requires the highest level of certification. All our products have the required automotive approvals and certifications.

SkanTech’s is authorized by TÜV for production of automotive equipment and we are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

UN Global Compact

SkanTech is committed to a sustainability policy which includes respect for universally recognised standards for the environment, human rights, labour, and anti-corruption. We seek to ensure that all our suppliers operate in compliance with the terms and standards of our supplier Code of Conduct.

SkanTech is a member of UN Global Compact.



SkanTech has chosen to become a member of ITxPT because we want to influence and be a part of the future design of an interoperable IT infrastructure. We see the greatness of opportunities in the strategy that ITxPT has launched and we believe that it will bring interesting possibilities to our customers, the business, and to the market in general.


We know your business by heart


When starting up a project it is imperative to understand the customer’s needs and requirements. SkanTech describes and provides full documentation for each project, including system description, system layout and technical drawings for installation and after-market service.

SkanTech supports the installation process. Our engineers produce complete project documentation and installation guides and a highly skilled team provides the training for all parties involved.


Our educational programme is based on years of experience and best practice and is a mix of practical and theoretical training. Every training programme is customized to fit the need of the individual customer. We offer training in every step of the production and aftermarket process to ensure and optimize the handling and functionality of the system. We support our customer’s daily operation by continuous focus on the correct use of the solutions and data generated from the systems.

Let’s make data a steering wheel for your fleet

Back in the day transportation of passengers and goods in busses and other vehicles was a fairly simple task. Today, transportation requires and generates an immense and increasing amount of data.

If used in the right way the data is making each vehicle and the fleet more cost effective, safe and environment friendly to the benefit of passengers, employees, and management.

At SkanTech, we have developed a unique expertise in providing operators with the right systems and solutions to gather data and make it easy to make the most of them.

We draw on experience from many years in the business and the thousands of busses and other vehicles driving around with our solutions, and together with each of our customers we find the most efficient ways to meet their needs.

SkanTech has developed module-based systems where you can start with one ‘package’ but always add solutions that will fit in. That means, that you as customer will get flexible solutions fitted to your current needs which are at the same time future proof to changes in your company or technical developments.

We are looking forward to a dialogue with you.

Meet SkanTech

In fleet management, the value of new technology does not only depend on the right boxes, cables, cameras and screens. It is also a question of understanding the industry, the bus operators and the actual conditions for drivers and passengers. This was the philosophy when Jan Skaarup started SkanTech in 2004 and it is still the DNA of the company and all the employees today

Coming from a family of bus builders Jan Skaarup has been able to create a culture at SkanTech where it is not a cliché to say that the customer is always in focus.

Today, the Scandinavian company, with headquarter in a science park North of Copenhagen has delivered data and monitoring systems to busses and other vehicles around Europe since 2004.

SkanTech provides intelligent solutions for the transport industry. Our module-based approach on a generic open platform gives the customers a state of the art solution that is easy to update and maintain.

The solutions include CCTV, Real-time services, Passenger counting, Eco drive solutions, Communication platform, IT platform, Educational services and Management services.

SkanTech’s approach is always to have a close dialogue with the customer in order to understand and guide the customer in the best way possible. By taking a consultative approach and with the knowledge base of SkanTech, a better understanding of the customer is obtained which leads to the right solution.

With a strong management, expert technicians and support, SkanTech is increasing its sales globally with solutions of the highest quality delivered on time and with excellent support functions in the implementation, as well as the operational phase.

At SkanTech, our objective is to deliver satisfactorily to our customers and build long-term partnerships.

Bringing existing systems together in real time overview

The SkanTech Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP) provides a high capacity data exchange and management platform, which supports and integrates the many systems available in busses, and is the gateway to the PTA (Public Transport Authority) and the fleet operation center.

As multiple systems can connect to the platform, it allows the operator to add modules as they seem fit and the integration to the existing modules is done via the platform. Via the SkanTech report center the platform provides a full overview of the services and thereby optimizing the monitoring of the fleet.

The platform allows the operator to maintain a full situation awareness and status in real time of the fleet and helps the operator to improve performance and optimize the operation.

The SkanTech VCP is designed for use in new buses and for retrofit purposes in buses in operation, allowing integration with existing systems. A fleet normally consist of a mix of vehicles and onboard systems and the VCP platform can collect and present all the information and present them in a uniform way to maintain the full overview of a mixed fleet.

We are always close to you

You do not have to shout aloud to get the right service! SkanTech services are designed to cause limited interference and require a minimum of intervention to the fleet management or operation. The service setup minimizes the need for special knowledge at each depot since our remote diagnostics will provide a swift response with the right knowledge. This leads to a quicker solution and thereby saves time and money.

The Remote Service System gives early indicators to prevent bigger issues to occur and urgent issues are reported directly to the operation in real-time. Troubleshooting, updates and configuration work is done remotely while the vehicle is in operation, which minimizes the operational interference. For more complex issues SkanTech can provide both onsite and replacement services.

Take a closer look

The genuine sense of security among passengers and drivers is essential in public transport. A surveillance system is the first step to achieve that, and SkanTech’s Surveillance System provides high quality and scalable surveillance solutions, that can fit any vehicle.

On-board surveillance is a key to ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers as well as to protect against vandalism. Our broad variety of recorders enhances the on-board surveillance and allows integrating multiple cameras, digital and analogue, into one network. The monitoring is available in real time in the vehicle as well as for remote viewing making immediate action possible. At the same time, the data is stored for reviewing.

  • Split screen monitors installed in the driver’s area display the video material in high quality making it easy for the driver to keep an eye on the passenger area.
  • It is possible for the operator to log on to the systems for live viewing or to perform wireless downloading of the video data.
  • The Recorder stores video data to enable the operator to view the data at a later stage.

The system can be either a stand-alone system or an integrated part of SkanTech’s Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP), which is the generic platform that connects all SkanTech services.

Let’s make it clear

The SkanTech Station Announcement System provides automatic route announcements to the passengers. All announcements are recorded by a professional voice to make sure no one misses their stop.

In combination with SkanTech’s Vehicle Communication Platform (VCP) the Station Announcement System receives route information from the Public Transport Authority (PTA) based on the current position of the bus and announces information about the next stop and other relevant information to the passengers through the speaker system on board.

The Station Announcement System can be combined with SkanTech’s Infotainment System, and provide information to the bus internal signs/display and speakers. The driver’s display will show next stop and other relevant information to the passengers with audio and visual display.

Safe and hassle-free connectivity

SkanTech Passenger Internet makes internet access easy and supports a better travel experience. Passengers do not have to miss their favorite Netflix series or the opportunity to work online when travelling on a bus, which contributes to a better customer satisfaction.

The Passenger Internet is compliant with the internet security standards but the system can be set up with no login or password for an easy passenger access.

The Passenger Internet connects to the public internet and can provide service for both passengers and drivers but as two separate networks. 

The Passenger Internet can be used in new installations or as a retrofit solution in the existing fleet.